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(*  :Member of Institute of Mathematics for Industry)
(** :Member of Faculty of Arts and Science)

Mathematical Statistics

The field of mathematical statistics aims to theoretically clarify the properties of statistical and computational techniques for analyzing various types of data. It also proposes and tests new data analysis techniques and researches their application in various sciences.

Academic Supervisors

MAESONO, Yoshihiko , Professor Nonparametric Inference, Asymptotic Theory of Statistical Inference, Resampling Methods
MASUDA, Hiroki , Professor Stochastic Process, Mathematical Statistics, Statistical Asymptotic Theory
NISHII, Ryuei* , Professor Data Science, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition
HIROSE, Kei* , Associate Professor Sparse Estimation, Multivariate Analysis

Cooperative Professors

SAITO, Shingo** , Associate Professor Classical Real Analysis, Multiple Zeta Values, Actuarial Science
YOSHIDA, Hiroshi , Associate Professor Mathematical Biology on Regeneration
MORIYAMA, Taku* , Assistant Professor Statistical Science, Nonparametric Inference