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Geometric optimal control

Hold Date
2011-12-06 15:30〜2011-12-06 17:00
1st floor lecture room 5, Open Learning Plaza , Ito Campus
Object person
Monique Chyba (University of Hawaii)

Differential geometric techniques have proved to be an asset
to in control theory the past few decades. The major focus of
the talk is to illustrate this fact through examples. We will
focus on three applications. First, we will address the guidance
and navigation problem for autonomous underwater vehicles.
Those are model as controlled affine connection systems and
efficient trajectories are designed using a newly developed
optimal algorithm as well as kinematic reductions. Second, the
formation of the brain at the early embryonic stage will be
discussed. An innovative model as well as simulations will be
presented. Finally, we will pose the problem of the detection
of natural earth satellites and the possibility of a rendez vous