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Homotopy decomposition of diagonal arrangements

Hold Date
2014-11-21 13:00〜2014-11-21 14:00
Seminar Room 1, Faculty of Mathematics building, Ito Campus
Object person
Daisuke KISHIMOTO (Kyoto university)

An abstract simplicial complex K with m vertices defines an arrangement of certain subspaces of the product X^m for a given space X, which we call the diagonal arrangement. For example, when K is the (m-3)-skeleton of the (m-1)-simplex, the associated diagonal arrangement is the braid arrangement of X. Labassi showed a homotopy decomposition of the suspension of the union of the diagonal arrangement associated with the (m-d-1)-skeleton of the (m-1)-simplex when 2d>m. I will explain a generalization of this result to arbitrary K with 2(dim K+1)<m by using polyhedral products. This is joint work with Kouyemon Iriye.