Admission in April, 2023

“The screening for the MMA course will not be given in the Special Screening of International Students for admission from April, 2020.”

Admission in April, 2023 (Master’s Course, Doctoral Course)

Special Screening of International Students

Courses and Degrees obtainedMaster’s Course: Master of Mathematics
Doctoral Course: Doctor of Mathematics
Examination dateFebruary 13 (Mon), 2023
Application periodJanuary 4 (Wed) to January 12 (Thu), 2023

If you are interested in the application, it is recommended that you make contact with a full professor or an associate professor of our Graduate School whose area of expertise most closely matches your research topic, prior to the application. The list of our staffs can be found in our web page

Guideline for Application

Graduate School of Mathematics at Kyushu University offers another two international programs for international students. All the lectures, thesis work and guidance will be carried out in English.
If you are interested in the programs, please visit the International Program website