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MASUDA, Toshihiko( MASUDA, Toshihiko ) / Professor

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Faculty of Mathematics : Division of Analysis


Operator Algebras, Subfactors, Group Actions

My research field is the theory of operator algebras. In the theory of operator algebras, we research subalgebras of bounded linear operators on Hilbert spaces. There are two classes of operator algebras, the class of C*-algebras and that of von Neumann algebras. I mainly study von Neumann algebras. My main interests are the theory of subfactors, and automorphism groups and group actions on von Neumann algebras. In subfactor theory, I analyze the construction introduced by Longo and Rehren, and the structure of subfactors of type III_1. I also study coactions of finite groups by using subfactor theory. Now I try to apply this argument for study of actions of compact groups.