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TSUJII, Masato( TSUJII, Masato ) / Professor

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Faculty of Mathematics : Division of Analysis


Dynamical System Theory, Chaos, Ergodic Theory

I arrived at and started to work as a professor in mathematics for Kyushu university in February 2007. (My former position is an associate professor in Hokkaido university.)
My research area is dynamical system theory(the qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations). More precisely, I study transfer operators associated to dynamical systems by using methods of functional analysis such as Fourier analysis and theory of distributions. My main target now is the geodesic flow on negatively curved manifold, which is a type of chaotic hyperbolic flow, and the corresponding transfer operators and semi-classical zeta functions.
For education, I gave lectures on basic calculus and linear algebra for freshmen, on complex function theory for senior students in the technology department and also for students in mathematics department. In the lectures, I tried to let the student understand that mathematics is available in many aspects of real life and also in many braches of science. I also tried to present mathematics as a type of exact science.