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GAINA, Daniel( GAINA, Daniel ) / Associate Professor

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Institute of Mathematics for Industry : Australia Branch


Logic, Formal Methods, Category Theory

My research interests are rooted within algebraic specification, oneof the most promising aproach to formal methods assisting the developing of software systems at several stages such as design, specification and formal verification. Algebraic specification and programming languages are rigorously based on logic, which amounts to the existence of a logical system underlying the language such that each language feature and construction can be expressed as a mathematical entity of the underlying logic.

The current goal of my research is to develop mathematical and logical structures supporting the efficient development of correct reconfigurable software systems, i.e. systems with reconfigurable mechanisms managing the dynamic evolution of their configurations in response to external stimuli or internal performance measures. A typical example of reconfigurable system is given by the cloud-based applications that flexibly react to client demands by allocating, for example, new server units to meet higher rates of service requests. The model implemented over the cloud is pay-per-usage, which means that the users will pay only for using the services. Therefore, the cloud service providers have to maintain a certain level of quality of service to keep up the reputation.

Reconfigurable systems are safety- and security-critical systems with strong qualitative requirements, and consequently, formal verification is needed.