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MATSUSAKA, Toshiki( MATSUSAKA, Toshiki ) / Assistant Professor

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Faculty of Mathematics : Division of Algebra and Geometry


Number theory, Mock modular forms, Bernoulli numbers and Zeta functions

My main research interest is the theory of mock modular forms, which is a very classical subject with its origin in Ramanujan. Since its importance became clear from the viewpoint of modular forms at the beginning of the 21st century, it has become one of the most extensively developing research areas. I got interested in this topic as an undergraduate student and have studied the mock modular forms in relation to number theory and low-dimensional topology.
I have also been working on other topics such as real zeros of zeta functions and combinatorics of poly-Bernoulli numbers. Although research areas are becoming more and more segmented these days, I would like to challenge various things by crossing the boundaries of the areas.