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ANAI, Hirokazu( ANAI, Hirokazu ) / Guest Professor

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Institute of Mathematics for Industry : Visitors Section


Computer Algebra

My research interest lies in computational algebra, so called ̏computer algebra", i.e. , the theory and application of algebraic and symbolic computation. We investigate efficient algorithms of computer algebra in order to develop new methodologies to resolve various kinds of issues in science, engineering, and industry. Our research results have been implemented as some tools for practical engineering and industrial applications, where the applications range from system and control theory to physics and biology. In particular, our current focus is on "Monozukuri (manufacturing)". We have been developing new simulation techniques based on algebraic computations (including the joint use of numerical computations) and moreover advanced Monozukuri methodologies (e.g., systematic design and verification methods) utilizing these simulation techniques. Our aim is to establish a new paradigm of Monozukuri through building a new system and control theory based on mathematics.