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Admission for Graduate School of Mathematics

International Programs of Graduate School of Mathematics

The screening of these programs for admission in 2018 has begun.

Graduate School of Mathematics at Kyushu University offers two international programs for international students. All the lectures, thesis work and guidance will be carried out in English. The programs have started on October 1, 2010.

The School has more than seventy academic staff members covering a broad range of mathematics and related areas, and is one of the hubs of mathematics education and research in Japan. For more details, refer to our Staff List * and Education & Research Map. The school has a long tradition of impressive achievements in the education and research of both applied and pure mathematics. A further characteristic of the school is its advanced level of research that includes collaborations and exchange with private industry, supplemented by fundamental teaching through almost a dozen regular open research seminars, colloquiums, and various intensive lectures.

A wide range of lectures will be delivered, with topics ranging from pure mathematics such as algebra and geometry, to applied mathematics such as probability, statistics, and computational mathematics. For more details, refer to the list of lectures below. In addition, abundant resources to support study and research activities are made available to students, such as books and on-line journals through the University Library (one of the most prominent libraries in Japan), high-performance computers and a high-speed network, and various kinds of software such as computer algebra. In this manner, study and research activities in this program are fully geared towards supporting students of all backgrounds and interests.

* The staff list referred to here consists of those academic staffs who belong to
  our graduate school at present. Please refer to the list attached to
  the Guidelines for Application ( pdf, doc ).
  the Application Form
  the Curriculum
  This curriculum is still tentative and subject to change.
  • Master's program requires more than 30 credits.
  • Doctoral program requires more than 10 credits.
  • *1: Mainly given in the form of intensive lectures (by visiting professor(s)) .
  • *2: with tutorials (180 minutes per week).
  • Some courses may not be given every year.
Course Credits Remark
Algebraic Geometry 2 Master
Number Theory 2 Master
Topology 2 Master
Differential Geometry 2 Master
Combinatorics 2 Master
Operator Algebra 2 Master
Probability 2 Master
Nonlinear Analysis 2 Master
Complex Analysis 2 Master
Dynamical Systems 2 Master
Statistics 2 Master
Computational Mathematics 2 Master
Differential Equations 2 Master
Infinite Analysis 2 Master
Representation Theory 2 Master
Complex Systems 2 Master
Special Lectures I 2 *1, Master
Special Lectures II 2 *1, Master
Special Lectures III 2 *1, Master
Special Lectures IV 2 *1, Master
Special Lectures V 2 *1, Master
Advanced Algebraic Geometry 4 *2, Master
Advanced Number Theory 4 *2, Master
Advanced Topology 4 *2, Master
Advanced Differential Geometry 4 *2, Master
Advanced Combinatorics 4 *2, Master
Advanced Operator Algebra 4 *2, Master
Advanced Probability 4 *2, Master
Advanced Nonlinear Analysis 4 *2, Master
Advanced Complex Analysis 4 *2, Master
Advanced Statistics 4 *2, Master
Advanced Computational Mathematics 4 *2, Master
Basic Seminar I 8 Required(Master)
Basic Seminar II 8 Required(Master)
Thesis 4 Required(Master)
Advanced Seminar I 6 Required(Doctor)
Advanced Seminar II 6 Doctor
Advanced Seminar III 6 Doctor
Dissertation 4 Required(Doctor)
For details, please visit the following websites:
  Graduate School of Mathematics
  Kyushu University

For information on financial aid, please visit the following websites:

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