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(*  :Member of Institute of Mathematics for Industry)
(** :Member of Faculty of Arts and Science)

Dynamical System

The field of dynamical systems is concerned with the mathematical formulation of rules that describe temporal evolution. For example, the equations of motion in classical dynamics (ordinary differential equations) for describing the motion of a celestial body or a spinning top over time are well known, but dynamical systems also serve as models in various fields such as physics, ecology, and economics and for chemical reactions as well. A variety of dynamical systems have also come to be defined in the course of mathematics research. Dynamical system theory makes use of real analysis, algebraic geometry, topology, function theory, probability theory, numerical computations, and other techniques to investigate the properties of dynamical systems.

Academic Supervisors

ISHII, Yutaka , Professor Dynamical System Theory
TSUJII, Masato , Professor Dynamical System Theory, Chaos, Ergodic Theory
CHIBA, Hayato* , Associate Professor Dynamical Systems, Ordinary Differential Equations, Nonlinear Evolution Equations
NII, Shunsaku , Associate Professor Dynamical System Theory, Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics
NGUYEN, Dinh Hoa* , Assistant Professor Control Systems, Smart Grid, Distributed Optimization, Multi-Agent System, Consensus Control, Synchronization, Learning Systems, Optimal and Robust Control

Cooperative Professors

MATSUE, Kaname* , Assistant Professor Dynamical Systems, Numerical Analysis, Rigorous Numerics, Singular Perturbation Theory, Differential Equations (Blow-up Solutions, Shock Waves), Singularities, Topology (including Computer Assisted Studies), Quantum Walks, Topology Optimizations, Combustion