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The study group workshop

Hold Date
2010-10-25 00:00〜2010-10-29 00:00
Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, the University of Tokyo

Study Group Workshop
 Date October 25-29, 2010
 Place 3-8-1 Komaba Meguro-ku Tokyo 153-8914, JAPAN
Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo
 Invited Speakers
(Offering Topics/Problems)
October 25, 2010
Morning Session:

Information Security

Hisayoshi Sato (Hitachi Laboratories)
"Some problems from public-key cryptography based on lattices"

Koichiro Akiyama (Toshiba R&D Center)
"The Section Finding Problem and Algebraic Surface Public Key Cryptosystems"

C. Pandu Rangan (Indian Institute of Technology)
"Some problems from public-key cryptography related to signcryption"

Afternoon Session:

Ken Anjyo(OLM Digital, Inc.)
"Interactive editing of light and shade for 3DCG"

J.P. Lewis (Weta Digital Ltd./Victoria University)

Inverse problems

Junichi Nakagawa (Nippon Steel Corporation)
"Inverse problem from multi-scale viewpoint based on the combination of stochastic, analysis and geometry"

Bob Anderssen (CSIRO)
"Information recovery from spectroscopic measurements (derivative spectroscopy)"