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Author Book List

FY or Year Authors Title Publisher
2015 Kaneko, M.
Kanemitsu, S.
Liu, J. (eds.)
Number theory: plowing and starring through high wave forms: proceedings of the 7th China-Japan Seminar, Fukuoka, Japan, 28 October-1 November 2013 (Series on number theory and its applications, Vol. 11) World Scientific
Ei, S.
Kawashima, S.
Kimura, M.
Mizumachi, T. (eds.)
Nonlinear dynamics in partial differential equations
(Advanced studies in pure mathematics, Vol. 64)
Faure, F.
Tsujii, M.
Prequantum transfer operator for symplectic anosov diffeomorphism (Astérisque, 375) S.M.F.
Blanlœil, V.
Saeki, O.
Singularities in geometry and topology 2011
(Adbanced studies in pure mathematics, Vol. 66)
2014 Nishii, R.
Koiso, M.
Ochiai, H.
Okada, K.
Saito, S.
Shirai, T. et al. (eds.)
A mathematical approach to research problems of science and technology.
(Mathematics for industry, Vol. 5)
Wakayama, M.
Fukumoto, Y.
Takagi, T. et al. (eds.)
The impact of applications on mathematics.
(Mathematics for industry, Vol. 1)
Arakawa, T.
Ibukiyama, T.
Kaneko, M.
Bernoulli numbers and zeta functions.
(Springer monographs in mathematics)
Anjo, K.
Ochiai, H.
Mathematical basics of motion and deformation in computer graphics.
(Synthesis lectures on computer graphics and animation)
Morgan & Claypool
2013 Wakayama, M.
Giga, Y. /
Kobayashi, T. (eds.)
What Mathematics Can Do for You
Essays and Tips from Japanese Industry Leaders
pp 101-121
"Importance and Unpredictable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Real World and for Industry"
Wakayama, M.
Damlamian, A. / Rodrigues, J.-F. /
Sträßer, R. (eds.)
(New ICMI Study Series)
Educational Interfaces between Mathematics and Industry
Report on ICMI-ICIAM-Study
pp 77-94
"Interfacing Educational & Research with Mathematics-for-Industry: The Endeavour in Japan"
2012 Hara, T.
Matsui, T.
Hiroshima, F. (eds.)
Mathematical quantum field theory and renormalization theory.
(COE lecture note: Kyushu University, Vol. 30)
Faculty of Mathematics
Kyushu University
2011 Lörinczi, J.
Hiroshima, F.
Betz, V.
Feynman-Kac-type theorems and Gibbs Measures on Path Space.
(De Gruyter studies in mathematics, Vol. 34)
De Gruyter
Kosaki, H. Positive definiteness of functions with applications to operator norm inequalities.
(Memoirs of the AMS, No. 997)
Preneel, B.
Takagi, T. (eds.)
Cryptographic hardware and embedded systems: CHES 2011.
(Lecture notes in computer science, No. 6917)