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Message from the Dean

As one of our oldest disciplines, mathematics has contributed in various ways to enrich our lives. Needless to say, mathematics is itself very interesting and is important. In addition, mathematics forms the basis of basic sciences and technology. More recently, mathematical ideas have been applied to considerably wide areas of research, producing results which were unimaginable several decades ago.

As of April 1, 2011, the Faculty of Mathematics has been reorganized and divided into "Faculty of Mathematics" and "Institute of Mathematics-for-Industry," each consisting of about 45 and 25 faculty members respectively. These two organizations, together with mathematical section of the Faculty of Arts and Science, are responsible for educations of the Graduate School of Mathematics and are engaged in first-rate research activities. In addition, these institutions are in charge of overall mathematical educations of Kyushu University, such as calculus and linear algebra for fresh persons and sophomores, basic mathematics for students in engineering, and the undergraduate and graduate courses for math students in Kyushu University. (For the details of this institute, please visit

We, the Faculty of Mathematics, the Institute of Mathematics for Industry, and the Graduate School of Mathematics, are striving more than ever to be attractive as educational and research institutions, by providing top level education based on first-rate researches on mathematics and mathematical sciences.

April 1, 2022

Masato Tsujii
Dean of Graduate School/Faculty of Mathematics