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Message from Supervisor for Career Services

The students and graduate students of the Kyushu University mathematics courses and the Graduate School of Mathematics acquire during their study a capability for versatility that becomes the foundation for highly-logical science and technology, and all of the researchers and educators who wield this capability as a weapon have been able to contribute successfully to corporate society. Indeed, in the technology development fields and their related research centers at electronics and instrument makers, our students and graduate students are already employed in many fields such as IT related industries and banking, insurance, and securities companies, and in addition to the above mentioned fundamental capability, they are greatly active in problem setting and in the ability to solve problems.

In particular, due to developments in the information and communications field, the necessity and importance of mathematics that supports this foundation has become extremely clear, not only in related industries but in all of industrial society. Already, teachers and students have been studying day and night not only to cooperate toward the development of mathematics itself but to learn how they can be an active asset in corporate society and at the same time send students out in the world who have that ability. Indeed, in addition to the conventional courses of the master’s course, an MMA course was established in 2008 with the aim of fostering people who can have a high degree of management ability and drive R&D within a company.

So, the students have the opportunities below for a smooth transition to job hunting.

・At the start of job hunting, they can participate in a classroom employment seminar, and by learning first-hand the experiences of various people active in industry face to face, they can learn about being active in inner-company activities and the attitude required for it.

・They can participate in individual information sessions given by the companies themselves and deepen their understanding.

The above describes the current situation with mathematics employment and efforts toward it.

Lastly, we would like you to know of our efforts toward restoring the power of mathematics to those in industry with the aforementioned classrooms and departments, and we dearly hope that we can help students become important members of industrial society.

Thank you.

    Jun-ichi Segata
Supervisor for Career Services
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+81-92-802-4473 (office)

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