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Give Graduate School a Try! Graduate School of Mathematics, Doctoral Program, Entered 2007 Takato Uehara

Why did I consider graduate school? The reason is that I wanted to know more about the ways in which the various fields of mathematics that I studied in undergraduate school—such as algebra, geometry, and mathematical analysis—were connected. In graduate school, there are no required courses. Your studies mainly consist of electives and intensive courses, as well as seminars in which you make presentations to your instructors and fellow students on what you’ve been studying and researching. In other words, you can select the lectures that interest you, and by having to give clear descriptions of your research at seminars, you become more involved with mathematics in an active (as opposed to a passive) way. Here, there is nothing that can surpass the surprise you feel when catching a glimpse of the way that all of your mathematical knowledge is interconnected, or the joy of making a new discovery from those connections.

In addition, the provision of a student room enables you to interact with people in different years and concentrations, and this helps to broaden the scope of your research. Research work, moreover, makes it easier to free up time in your daily life, and I myself go regularly for some exercise with fellow members of the student lounge. Of course, there’s also enough time to pursue a part-time job.

For those of you who would like to expand your experiences above and beyond that of undergraduate school, graduate school is the perfect place.