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Improving our Research Skills and People Skills at the Same Time Graduate School of Mathematics, Doctoral Program, Entered 2008 Teju Kim

Hello! My name is Teju Kim and I’m a graduate student in the Graduate School of Mathematics. I am majoring in mathematics and researching “model selection” to explain the intrinsic structure of all kinds of natural phenomena. The members of my research laboratory get along very well, and we have a very enjoyable and meaningful research life with days consisting of both casual conversation and spirited discussions on research.

I feel that graduate school and research will of course build up my specialized knowledge, but I also think that the research life can improve my attitude toward study while also improving my people skills. Even if I fail at obtaining great research results right away, I know that by continuing my research with perseverance and a trial-and-error approach, I will eventually find an answer. Through such a process, I have developed the ability to attack a problem with great patience and fortitude.

Kyushu University provides an environment where researchers can discover and develop new technologies never before seen by anyone. It’s truly a great place to study.