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A Fulfilling Life in the Department of Mathematics Department of Mathematics, Entered 2006 Naoyuki Nomiyama

Greetings! When I was in high school, I thought that I’d like to study mathematics at a deeper level, and this is what brought me to the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Science at Kyushu University. University mathematics is very different than high-school math, and in the beginning, it’s not unusual to be somewhat confused about the abstract way of thinking in mathematics at the university level. For this reason, every course in the Department of Mathematics incorporates a “seminar” period. This time can be used to ask the instructor to explain something that you failed to understand in the lecture or to solve a problem together with your fellow students.

Your first and second years are dominated by basic studies, but starting in your third year, you will be able to select the area of mathematics that interests you based on advice from a mentor in “mathematics lecture/research seminars” and study a more specialized area of mathematics from then on.

At the Department of Mathematics, you can find people on their way to becoming researchers as well as people destined to work in industry or become teachers. Boasting instructors from diverse fields, the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Science at Kyushu University is an ideal environment for research in the field of mathematics. I truly believe that people with an interest in mathematics can lead a very fulfilling student life here. What do you think about studying at one of the largest mathematics departments in the country?