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A Mathematical Foundation is Useful in the Manufacturing Industry Ube Industries, Ltd. Yuya Hatori (Faculty of Mathematics, Doctoral Course, entered 2007)

It’s been a year and a half since I entered Ube Industries through an internship program as part of the Functional Mathematics course. At present, I am a member of the fluid analysis team, and my job is to use fluid analysis to troubleshoot a variety of problems within the company and provide design support. I also participate in research presentations and other events to promote my work and I frequently hold discussions too. In addition, I conduct experiments to test the validity of results obtained by numerical analysis. This environment, in which the meaning of my work here depends on me, gives me great satisfaction.

The chemical manufacturing industry requires various types of mathematical knowledge. In particular, linear algebra and differential and integral calculus, though basic, can be extremely useful, and I’m convinced that these are the subjects that should be studied carefully. There are more ways than you would think for a mathematician to find a place for himself in industry. Once the corporate side is convinced of the usefulness of mathematics, many opportunities should arise for the mathematician to exercise his knowledge. Ube Industries is a place where I can directly reflect what I’ve learned in school in my work, and in this way, I am leading a very enjoyable life as a member of society.