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Type Title Author Number
MHF Cyclic cubic field with explicit Artin symbols Toru KOMATSU 2005 - 28
MHF On reversible cellular automata with finite cell array(Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.3699(2005), pp.130-141) Shuichi INOKUCHI,Kazumasa HONDA,Hyen Yeal LEE,Tatsuro SATO,Yoshihiro MIZOGUCHI,Yasuo KAWAHARA 2005 - 27
MHF Nonlinear regression modeling via regularized wavelets and smoothing parameter selection(Special Issue of the Journal of Multivariate Analysis in Honor of Professor Yasunori Fujikoshi Toru FUJII,Sadanori KONISHI 2005 - 26
MHF Quadratic transformations of the sixth Painlevé equation(Quadratic transformations of the sixth Painlev・equation with application to algebraic solutions)(Mathematische Nachrichten, Volume 280, Issue 16, (December 2007), p.1834-1855) Raimundas VIDUNAS,Alexander V. KITAEV 2005 - 25
MHF Determinant form of dark soliton solutions of the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation(Casorati determinant form of dark soliton solutions of the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation)(Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Vol. 75 No. 5, May, 2006, 054002-054011) Ken-ichi MARUNO,Yasuhiro OHTA 2005 - 24
MHF Finite element schemes for two-fluids flow problems(Proceedings of The Seventh China-Japan Seminar on Numerical Mathematics, 139--148, editor:Shi, Z.-C. and Okamoto, H., 2006) Masahisa TABATA,Satoshi KAIZU 2005 - 23
MHF Wiener integrals for centered powers of Bessel processes, I Tadahisa FUNAKI,Yuu HARIYA,Mark YOR 2005 - 22
MHF A time-change approach to Kotani's extension of Yor's formula Yuu HARIYA 2005 - 21
MHF Integration by parts formulae for the Wiener measure restricted to subsets in $\mathbb{R} ^d$(Journal of Functional Analysis Volume 239, Issue 2 , 15 October 2006, Pages 594-610) Yuu HARIYA 2005 - 20
PS Automorphic functions for the Whitehead-link-complememt group K.Matsumoto/H.Nishi/M.Yoshida 2005 - 2