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Type Title Author Number
MHF Constructive error estimates of finite element approximations for non-coercive elliptic problems and its applications(Guaranteed error bounds for finite element approximations of noncoercive elliptic problems and their applications) Mitsuhiro T. NAKAO,Kouji HASHIMOTO 2007 - 5
PS The Non-Existence of Certain Mod 2 Galois Pepresentations of Some Small Quadratic Fields H.Moon/Y.Taguchi 2007 - 5
MHF Discrete fixed point theorems and their application to Nash equilibrium(TAIWANESE JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS, Vol. 13, No. 2A, pp. 431-440, April 2009) Jun-ichi SATO,Hidefumi KAWASAKI 2007 - 4
PS On Infinite Divisibility of Positive Definite Functions Arising from Operator Means H.Kosaki 2007 - 4
PS Zero-Cycles on Products of Elliptic Curves over $p$-Adic Fields T.Takemoto 2007 - 3
MHF A remark on the Hankel determinant formula for solutions of the Toda equation(Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, Vol.40 (2007) 12661-12675) Kenji KAJIWARA,Marta MAZZOCCO,Yasuhiro OHTA 2007 - 3
MHF Verified numerical computation of solutions for the stationary Navier-Stokes equation in nonconvex polygonal domains(Hokkaido Mathematical Journal, Vol. 36 (2007), 777-799) Kouji HASHIMOTO,Kenta KOBAYASHI,Mitsuhiro T. NAKAO 2007 - 2
MHF Functional cluster analysis via orthonormal Gaussian basis expansions and its application Mitaunori KAYANO, Koji DOZONO, Sadanori KONISHI 2007 - 19
MHF Functional principal component analysis via regularized Gaussian basis expansions and its application to unbalanced data Mitaunori KAYANO, Sadanori KONISHI 2007 - 18
MHF Energy of hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic waves with point and continuous spectra Makoto HIROTA, Yasuhide FUKUMOTO 2007 - 17