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(*  :Member of Institute of Mathematics for Industry)
(** :Member of Faculty of Arts and Science)
(***:Member of Reaserch Institute of Information Technology)

Computational Mathematics

The field of mathematical calculation performs educational research on information and mathematical science (computer mathematics) and numerical analysis and researches the development of software for representing various mathematical phenomena that appear in the natural sciences, engineering, and information science.

Academic Supervisors

KAMIYAMA, Naoyuki* , Professor Discrete Optimization, Graph Theory, Computational Complexity
KAWAHARA, Yoshinobu* , Professor Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Time-Series Analysis, Optimization
MIZOGUCHI, Yoshihiro* , Professor Software Science, Graph Transformation, Theory of Computing
MATSUE, Kaname* , Associate Professor Dynamical Systems, Numerical Analysis, Rigorous Numerics, Singular Perturbation Theory, Differential Equations (Blow-up Solutions, Shock Waves), Singularities, Topology (including Computer Assisted Studies), Quantum Walks, Topology Optimizations, Combustion
OISHI-TOMIYASU, Ryoko* , Associate Professor Applied Algebra, Lattice, Quadratic Form, Theta Series, Periodic ānd Aperiodic Packing, Harmonic Analysis, Representation Theory, Group Theory, Number Theory, Mathematical Crystallography, Mathematical Optimization
SAKURAI, Daisuke*** , Associate Professor Visual Data Science, Visualization, Topological Data Analysis
TAGAMI, Daisuke* , Associate Professor Numerical Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Electromagnetics, Computer Aided Engineering
TERO, Atsushi* , Associate Professor Mathematical Modeling, Adaptive Network, Multi-Rhythm
WAKI, Hayato* , Associate Professor Optimization, Mathematical Programming, Continuous Optimization, Semidefinite Programming Problem, Optimization Software
FUKASAKU, Ryoya , Assistant Professor Computer Algebra, Real Algebraic Geometry
GAINA, Daniel* , Assistant Professor Logic, Formal Methods, Category Theory
URAMOTO, Takeo* , Assistant Professor algebraic language theory, theory of computation, category theory, galois theory, class field theory

Cooperative Professors

KAJI, Shizuo* , Professor Topology, Homotopy Theory, Computer Graphics
HIROSE, Kei* , Associate Professor Sparse Estimation, Multivariate Analysis
YOSHIDA, Hiroshi , Associate Professor Mathematical Biology on Regeneration
IKEMATSU, Yasuhiko* , Assistant Professor Public Key Cryptography, Multivariate Public Key Cryptography, Number Theory
NGUYEN, Dinh Hoa* , Assistant Professor Control Systems, Smart Grid, Distributed Optimization, Multi-Agent System, Consensus Control, Synchronization, Learning Systems, Optimal and Robust Control