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(*  :Member of Institute of Mathematics for Industry)
(** :Member of Faculty of Arts and Science)
(***:Member of Reaserch Institute of Information Technology)

Differential Equation

Differential equations have a close relationship with various scientific fields in addition to mathematics, and their research is expanding greatly in various directions. Typical areas of study include ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, and stochastic differential equations.

Academic Supervisors

FUKUMOTO, Yasuhide* , Professor Fluid Mechanics, Vortex Dynamics, Magnetohydrodynamics, Nonlinear Phenomenology
KAJIWARA, Kenji* , Professor Discrete Differential Geometry, Integrable Systems, Painlevé Systems, Discrete and Ultradiscrete Systems
OSADA, Hirofumi , Professor Probability Theory
SEGATA, Jun-ichi , Professor
TANIGUCHI, Setsuo** , Professor Stochastic Analysis, Malliavin Calculus, Stochastic Differential Equation
BREZINA, Jan** , Associate Professor Partial Differential Equations, Euler Equations, Navier-Stokes-Fourier Equations, Mathematical Analysis
CESANA, Pierluigi* , Associate Professor PDEs, Calculus of Variations, Gamma-Convergence, Materials Science
MATSUE, Kaname* , Associate Professor Dynamical Systems, Numerical Analysis, Rigorous Numerics, Singular Perturbation Theory, Differential Equations (Blow-up Solutions, Shock Waves), Singularities, Topology (including Computer Assisted Studies), Quantum Walks, Topology Optimizations, Combustion
NII, Shunsaku , Associate Professor Dynamical System Theory, Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics
TAKADA, Ryo , Associate Professor Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, the Euler equations, the Navier-Stokes equations, Harmonic Analysis
TRIADIS, Dimetre* , Assistant Professor Continuum Mechanics, Asymptotic Analysis, Integrable Systems, Integral Equations
ANAI, Hirokazu* , Guest Professor Computer Algebra

Cooperative Professors

KAMIMOTO, Joe , Associate Professor Complex Analysis, Partial differential Equation
TERO, Atsushi* , Associate Professor Mathematical Modeling, Adaptive Network, Multi-Rhythm
YOSHIDA, Hiroshi , Associate Professor Mathematical Biology on Regeneration
KAGAYA, Takashi* , Assistant Professor Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Surface Evolution Equations, Variational Problems, Geometric Measure Theory
NGUYEN, Dinh Hoa* , Assistant Professor Control Systems, Smart Grid, Distributed Optimization, Multi-Agent System, Consensus Control, Synchronization, Learning Systems, Optimal and Robust Control