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(*  :Member of Institute of Mathematics for Industry)
(** :Member of Faculty of Arts and Science)
(***:Member of Reaserch Institute of Information Technology)

Infinite Integrable Systems

Research in infinite integrable systems is mainly concerned with the fact that system and equations like nonlinear waves, statistical physics, and field theory that have been traditionally difficult to analyze may be subjected to rigorous and detailed analysis thanks to a good mathematical structure in the background. In this field, algebra, geometry, analysis, and application all come into play enabling researchers to enjoy those aspects of mathematics that make it so intrinsically fascinating.

Academic Supervisors

KAJIWARA, Kenji* , Professor Discrete Differential Geometry, Integrable Systems, Painlevé Systems, Discrete and Ultradiscrete Systems
HIKAMI, Kazuhiro , Associate Professor Mathematical Physics, Quantum Topology, Quantum Integrable System