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(*  :Member of Institute of Mathematics for Industry)
(** :Member of Faculty of Arts and Science)
(***:Member of Reaserch Institute of Information Technology)

Probability Theory

Probability theory is a mathematical body of theory for analyzing random phenomena in a logical manner. The world, indeed the universe, is full of randomness making this a highly broad field of research.

Academic Supervisors

INAHAMA, Yuzuru , Professor Stochastic Analysis, Rough Path Theory, Malliavin Calculus, Stochastic Differential Equation
SHIRAI, Tomoyuki* , Professor Probability Theory, Determinantal Point Processes
TANIGUCHI, Setsuo** , Professor Stochastic Analysis, Malliavin Calculus, Stochastic Differential Equation
MURAYAMA, Takuya , Assistant Professor stochastic analysis, geometric function theory, Schramm-Loewner evolution

Cooperative Professors

HARA, Takashi , Professor Mathematical Physics
HIROSHIMA, Fumio , Professor Quantum Field Theory, Spectral Analysis, Functional Integration, Representation of CCR
MASUDA, Hiroki , Professor Stochastic Process, Mathematical Statistics, Statistical Asymptotic Theory
OKADA, Izumi , Assistant Professor Probability Theory, Simple Random Walk, Local Time