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(*  :Member of Institute of Mathematics for Industry)
(** :Member of Faculty of Arts and Science)


In topology we consider geometric objects like figures and study their properties which are invariant under continuous deformations, from various perspectives. This area is a relatively new field in mathematics.

Academic Supervisors

IWASE, Norio , Professor Topology, Algebraic Topology, A∞ structure
MORISHITA, Masanori , Professor Arithmetic Topology
SAEKI, Osamu* , Professor Topology, Singularity Theory, Differential Topology, DNA Knots
SUMI, Toshio** , Professor Algebraic Topology, Theory of Transformation Groups
KAJI, Shizuo* , Associate Professor Topology, Homotopy Theory, Computer Graphics
SASAHIRA, Hirofumi , Associate Professor Topology, Gauge Theory, Floer Theory
TAKATA, Toshie , Associate Professor Topology, Quantum Invariants of Knots and 3-Manifolds
TAKEDA, Yuichiro , Associate Professor Arithmetic Geometry, Algebraic K-thoery, Arakelov Geometry
MORIYAMA, Tetsuhiro* , Assistant Professor Topology
TSUTAYA, Mitsunobu , Assistant Professor Algebraic Topology, Higher Homotopy Structures, Lie Groups

Cooperative Professors

ISHII, Yutaka , Professor Dynamical System Theory
HIKAMI, Kazuhiro , Associate Professor Mathematical Physics, Quantum Topology, Quantum Integrable System