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Probability Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
On Recurrence of Random Walks on Groups driven by a symmetric Gibbs measure Johannes Jaerisch (Osaka University) 2012-06-15 14:00〜2012-06-15 17:00
Levy flight and Levy random walks as nonlinear Brownian motion Ihor Lubashevsky (University of Aizu) 2012-07-20 16:00〜2012-07-20 17:30
Spin-boson model through a Poisson-driven stochastic process Fumio HIROSHIMA (Kyushu University) 2012-10-05 16:00〜2012-10-05 17:30
Intrinsic ultracontractivity and ground state properties for processes with jump discontinuities Jozsef Lorinczi (Loughborough University) 2012-11-09 16:00〜2012-11-09 17:30
Stein’s method for invariant measures of diffusions via Malliavin calculus Seiichiro KUSUOKA (Tohoku University) 2013-01-18 16:00〜2013-01-18 17:30
Stochastic Coulomb dynamics in infinite dimensions Hirofumi OSADA (Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University) 2013-01-25 16:00〜2013-01-25 17:30
The uniform spanning tree in two dimensions Martin Barlow and Robert Masson (University of British Columbia) 2013-03-05 16:00〜2013-03-05 17:15
A variational representation for G-Brownian functionals Emi Otsuka (Tohoku University) 2013-04-19 16:00〜2013-04-19 17:30
Quenched invariance principles for random walks and random divergence forms in random media with ... Takashi Kumagai (Kyoto University) 2013-04-26 16:00〜2013-04-26 17:30
Martingale approach to first passage problems of Levy processes over one-side moving boundaries Shunsuke KAJI (Kyushu Sangyo University) 2013-12-13 16:00〜2013-12-13 17:30