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Representation Theory Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
A q-analogue of derivations on the tensor algebra and the q-Schur--Weyl duality Minoru ITOH (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Kagoshima University) 2010-07-12 16:45〜2010-07-12 17:45
Invariant differential operators on certain arithmetic homogeneous spaces 梁在賢(Jae-Hyun Yang) (Inha Univ.) 2010-07-12 15:30〜2010-07-12 16:30
On an example of the ring of invariant differential operators on a non-multiplicity-free setting Hiroyuki OCHIAI (Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University) 2010-07-12 14:30〜2010-07-12 15:15
Modular Forms and Applications 梁在賢(Jae-Hyun Yang) (Inha 大学) 2010-07-06 17:00〜2010-07-06 19:00
Some quasihereditary covers associated with Hecke algebras. MIYACHI, Hyohe(Nagoya Univ.) 2010-03-08 15:00〜2010-03-08 17:00
Polytopal estimate of Mirkovic-Vilonen polytopes and Demazure crystals 内藤 聡 (筑波大学) 2010-01-14 16:00〜2010-01-14 17:30
A functorial point of view on Poincare´-Birkhoff-Witt theorem Michel Duflo (Paris) 2009-10-21 16:40〜2009-10-21 17:40
Multitemporal Wave Equations on Symmetric Spaces: Mean Value Solutions Fulton Gonzalez (Tufts大・筑波大) 2008-11-17 16:40〜2008-11-17 17:40