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Phenomena Mathematics Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Shock Waves in Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics Andrea Mentrelli (University of Bologna, Italy) 2020-02-20 16:00〜2020-02-20 17:30
New Frontiers in Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics Tommaso Ruggeri (University of Bologna, Italy) 2020-02-20 14:30〜2020-02-20 16:00
Paradox of multiple plasmonic resonances at light scattering by a cylinder of infinitesimal radius Michael I. Tribelsky (Lomonosov Moscow State University & National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Russia) & Yamaguchi University) 2019-01-30 16:00〜2019-01-30 17:30
Three dimensional Tayler instability of Hall MHD Rong ZOU (Zhejiang Normal University) 2019-01-10 16:00〜2019-01-10 17:30
Helical vortices: theory and applications Valery L. Okulov (Department of Wind Energy, Technical University of Denmark) 2018-01-25 16:00〜2018-01-25 17:30
Quantum simulation of atom coupled to Bose field(s) Masao HIROKAWA (Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University) 2017-12-12 16:00〜2017-12-12 17:30
Transient effects at resonant light scattering by particles Michael I. Tribelsky (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia) 2017-12-12 14:30〜2017-12-12 16:00
Molecular Extended Thermodynamics of a Rarefied Polyatomic Gas Tommaso Ruggeri (University of Bologna, Italy) 2017-03-28 16:00〜2017-03-28 17:30
Simulating fracture propagation and damage evolution in 3D isotropic and anisotropic, heterogeneo... Sanjib Mondal (The University of Queensland, Australia) 2017-03-08 15:30〜2017-03-08 17:00
Navier-Stokes flow in an exterior domain in a half space Zhengguang Guo (Wenzhou University, China) 2017-02-13 16:00〜2017-02-13 17:30