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Algebra Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Replicable functions, Hecke and Faber.New approches to Witten's manifold, the monster and its moo... John McKay (Concordia University) 2008-04-04 16:00〜2008-04-04 17:00
The Riemann Hypothesis for Zetas attached to Sp(4) and G_2. Masatoshi SUZUKI (Rikkyo Univ.) 2008-05-23 16:00〜2008-05-23 17:00
On a ramification bound of semi-stable mod p representations over a local field. Shin HATTORI (Hokkaido Univ.) 2008-05-30 15:30〜2008-05-30 16:30
Extensions of (phi, Gamma)-modules Seunghwan Chang (KAIST) 2008-05-30 16:45〜2008-05-30 17:45
Finiteness results on abelian varieties with constrained torsion Christopher Rasmussen (京都大学) 2008-06-20 16:00〜2008-06-20 17:00
On uniform boundedness of p-primary torsion on abelian schemes (Joint work with Akio Tamagawa, R.... Anna Cadoret (Universite Bordeaux) 2008-08-25 16:00〜2008-08-25 17:00
Local Fourier transform and epsilon factors (joint work with T. Saito) Ahmed Abbes (Rennes) 2008-09-19 16:00〜2008-09-19 17:00
The joint universality and the generalized strong-recurrence for Dirichlet L-functions 中村 隆 (九大数理) 2008-10-07 16:00〜2008-10-07 17:00
On Gross-Prasad conjectures and trace formulae Kimball Martin (Univ. of Oklahoma & Osaka City Univ.) 2008-10-31 16:00〜2008-10-31 17:00
Locally indecomposable Galois representations Eknath Ghate (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research) 2008-11-07 16:00〜2008-11-07 17:00