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Topology Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Topological point of view in colored Jones function and Melvin-Morton-Rozansky conjecture Tetsuya ITO (Kyoto University, RIMS) 2014-05-16 16:00〜2014-05-16 17:00
A knot with destabilized bridge spheres of arbitrarily high bridge number Kazuto TAKAO (Kyusyu university) 2014-04-25 16:00〜2014-04-25 17:00
Id¥`elic Class Field Theory for 3-manifolds Hirofumi NIIBO (Kyushu University) 2014-04-18 16:00〜2014-04-18 17:00
Fibration Structure on Semi-algebraic Sets Raimundo Nonato Araujo dos Santos (University of Sao Paulo - ICMC) 2014-03-11 16:00〜2014-03-11 17:30
Finite group representations, degenerations of complex manifolds, and kaleido fibers Shigeru Takamura (Kyoto University) 2014-02-07 16:00〜2014-02-07 17:30
Monodromies of splitting families for degenerations of Riemann surfaces Takayuki Okuda (Kyushu university) 2014-02-06 10:30〜2014-02-06 11:30
On Reidemeister moves and slide moves for knot diagrams Toru NARUWAKI (Kyushu university) 2014-01-31 17:20〜2014-01-31 17:50
Decomposing a rational link into the sum of two rational tangles Kouhei TAKAMOTO (Kyushu university) 2014-01-31 16:40〜2014-01-31 17:10
The number of arabolic quandle colorings of mutant knots Yuiichiro HARA (Kyushu university) 2014-01-31 16:00〜2014-01-31 16:30
Tricolorings, Goeritz matrices for classical links, and their application to surface links Shuki URATA (Kyushu University) 2014-01-24 16:45〜2014-01-24 17:15