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Topology Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Topological Analysis of Neural Systems. Ran Levi (University of Aberdeen) 2017-07-28 16:00〜2017-07-28 17:30
Equivariant Riemann-Roch number for non-compact symplectic manifolds Hajime FUJITA (Japan Women's University) 2017-07-07 16:00〜2017-07-07 17:00
The singular sets of maps and the signature defect Tatsuro SHIMIZU (Kyoto University) 2017-06-09 16:00〜2017-06-09 17:00
Floer-Novikov theory and non-contractible periodic trajectories Ryuma ORITA (Kyushu University) 2017-05-19 16:00〜2017-05-19 17:00
Approximation of equivariant maps by graph homomorphisms Takahiro MATSUSHITA (Kyoto University) 2017-04-28 16:00〜2017-04-28 17:00
A generalization of Milnor-Orr link invariants Takefumi NOSAKA (Kyushu University) 2017-03-03 15:30〜2017-03-03 17:00
On distribution of the zeros of the Alexander polynomials of links Yujiro NOGI (Kyushu University) 2017-02-03 16:00〜2017-02-03 16:30
The automorphism group of a smooth quandle Katsumi ISHIKAWA (Kyoto University) 2017-01-20 15:30〜2017-01-20 16:30
Knots in homology spheres: Blanchfield forms and finite type invariants Delphine Moussard (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University) 2016-12-09 16:00〜2016-12-09 17:30
Hessenberg varieties and hyperplane arrangements Takashi SATO (Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University) 2016-11-25 16:10〜2016-11-25 17:10