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Combinatorics Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
A Riemann Hypothesis Analogue for the Invariant Ring C[x,y]^G, where G is the dihedral group of o... Lynne Nocon (De la Salle University, 九大数理) 2008-05-19 15:30〜2008-05-19 17:00
The dimension of spaces of finite modular forms and actions of the Hecke algebra Tsunekazu SAITO (Kyushu Univ.) 2008-04-28 15:30〜2008-04-28 17:00
Representations and combinatorics and Galois groups John McKay (Concordia University-京大数理研) 2008-04-07 15:30〜2008-04-07 17:00