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Numerical Analysis Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
A Stabilization Method for the Hydrogen Diffusion Model in Materials Stephane NDONG-MEFANE (九大工学研究院) 2008-05-27 16:00〜2008-05-27 17:30
Integral solutions for some turbulent quantities of small-scale hydrogen leakage: non-buoyant and... M.F. El-Amin (九大工学研究院/South Valley University) 金山 寛 (九大工学研究院) 2008-10-21 15:30〜2008-10-21 17:00
A computer-assisted band-gap proof for 3D photonic crystals Michael Plum (University of Karlsruhe) 2009-01-06 15:30〜2009-01-06 17:00
Rigorous numerics for semilinear parabolic PDEs via the Conley-Rybakowski index 松江 要 (京都大学 大学院理学研究科) 2009-10-20 15:30〜2009-10-20 17:30
Balancing Domain Decomposition for Non-stationary Incompressible Flow Problems Using a Characteri... 姚 清河 (Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu Univ.) 2009-10-27 15:30〜2009-10-27 17:00
A Coupled Elastoplastic-Transient Hydrogen Diffusion Analysis to Simulate the Onset of Necking in... Reza Miresmaeili (Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu Univ.) 2009-12-01 15:30〜2009-12-01 17:00
On the behavior of IDR(s) algorithms in finite precision Jens-Peter Zemke (Technische Universit\"at Hamburg-Harburg) 2010-02-09 15:30〜2010-02-09 17:00
Uncoupled Crystal Plasticity-Transient Hydrogen Diffusion Analysis Reza Miresmaeili (Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University) 2010-06-01 15:30〜2010-06-01 17:00
Comparison of the Lagrangean and level-set method for the Willmore flow etc. Tomas Oberhuber (Czech Technical University) and two others 2010-11-18 15:00〜2010-11-18 17:00
Numerical Methods for the Solution of 3-D Electromagnetic Problems (Differential and Integral Eq... Alexander B. Samokhin (MlREA) 2010-11-30 15:30〜2010-11-30 17:00