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Exact Methods in Theoretical Quantum Optics

Hold Date
2016-04-22 16:30〜2016-04-22 17:30
IMI Auditorium (W1-D-413), West Zone 1, Ito campus, Kyushu University
Object person
D. Braak (University of Augsburg)

In contrast to classical mechanics, the correct definition of an integrable quantum system is still under debate. I shall discuss this question by means of the well-known paradigm of quantum optics, the Rabi model, and present a criterion for quantum integrability which generalizes this notion from classical physics to systems invariant under small (discrete) symmetry groups. Together with the Bargmann representation, these symmetries furnish a link to classical problems in the theory of Fuchsian differential equations in the complex domain. The second part of the talk will be devoted to the recent progress in quantum simulation which allows to realize the Rabi model for arbitrary coupling strengths in the laboratory, with interesting consequences for future quantum information technologies.

* This seminar is combined with Representation Theory Seminar & CREST.