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Metastability in the Random Field Curie-Weiss model

Hold Date
2009-09-18 15:30〜2009-09-18 17:00
Ito campus, Faculty of Mathematics building, seminar room 3
Object person
Anton Bovier (Institut fuer Angewandte Mathematik Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet Bonn)

A classical idea in the theory of metastability is the replacement of  the long-term dynamics of a high-dimensional system by an effective diffusion process in a one-dimensional effective potential. In simple  mean- field models this can be made rigorous by exploiting symmetries. 
 The random field Curie-Weiss model is one of the simplest models where no such symmetries are present. We use a coarse graining proceedure and variational methods to compute precise asymptotics of metastable exit times which are seen to differ by a multiplicative constant from what if given by the naive one- dimensional approximation.