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Understanding physical mixing processes via transfer operator approach

Hold Date
2017-10-06 16:00〜2017-10-06 17:30
Seminar Room W1-D-725, West Zone 1, Ito campus, Kyushu University
Object person
Yiwei Zhang (Centre for mathematics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

Industrial and chemical mixing processes of various kinds occur throughout nature and are vital in many technological applications. In the context of discrete dynamical systems, the transfer operator approach has been shown as a powerful tool from both theoretic and numerical viewpoint.

In this talk, I will use a toy model (i.e., the one dimensional stretch and fold map) as an example to provide a brief introduction on the relationships between the spectral properties of the associated transfer operator and the estimations of the optimal mixing rate of the mixing process. Moreover, I will address how the optimal mixing rate varies according to the stretch and fold map has ``cutting and shuffling'' behaviour (i.e., composing with a permutation).

If time permits, I will also talk about how to interpret this problem to the eigenvalue estimations for the Random bi-stochastic matrices (free probability theory) and the locations of poles of the dynamical zeta function.