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Advances in Combustion Science during the past five decades : From an Applied Mathematician perspective

Hold Date
2017-10-31 13:30〜2017-10-31 14:30
IMI Auditorium (W1-D-413), West Zone 1, Ito campus, Kyushu University
Object person
Moshe Matalon (Mechanical Science and Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA)

Many accomplishments in combustion science during the past five decades could be attributed to applied mathematician who have used systematically asymptotic methods to tackle the complexity of the mathematical equations describing combustion phenomena. Among the various examples presented in this talk are: the derivation of an explicit analytical expression for the laminar flame speed; flame extinction due to excessive heat loss; unambiguous definitions of flame speed and flame stretch for multi-dimensional time-dependent flames; criteria for various intrinsic flame instabilities including the hydrodynamic instability and thermo-diffusive effects; nonlinear descriptions of flame dynamics based on the Michelson-Sivashinsky and Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equations; the structure of non-premixed flames from complete combustion to extinction; stabilization of non-premixed flames by means of edge flames and lifted flames. This development has been successfully used in guiding laboratory experiments, interpreting experimental data and validating large-scale computations.

About the Speaker:
Prof. Moshe Matalon received his undergraduate and Master’s education at Tel Aviv University, followed by a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University in 1977. He has worked at Cornell University, the Polytechnic Institute of New York, Northwestern University, and since 2007 has been at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he is the College of Engineering Caterpillar Distinguished Professor. Matalon’s research interests are in combustion theory, theoretical fluid mechanics and applied mathematics. Matalon is Fellow of the American Physical Society, Institute of Physics, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and a member of the Society of Industrial & Applied Mathematics and of the Combustion Institute. He received several awards including the AIAA Pendray Aerospace Literature Award in 2010, the AIAA Fluid Dynamics award in 2016 and more recently (in 2017) the Numa Manson Medal of the Institute for the Dynamics of Explosions and Reacting Systems (IDERS). Matalon serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Fluid Mechanics and is Editor-In-Chief of Combustion Theory and Modelling.

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Title: Turbulent Premixed Flames - Hydrodynamic Theory
Speaker: Prof. Moshe Matalon
One of the most important quantities characterizing premixed turbulent combustion is the “turbulent flame speed” that allows predicting the average rate of energy release, or mean rate of fuel consumption in a combustor, which controls important design considerations of automotive engines, industrial gas turbines and industrial furnaces. This work is based on an asymptotic hydrodynamic model where the flame, modeled by a surface that separates burned from unburned gases, propagates relative to the fresh combustible mixture at a speed that depends on the local mixture and flow conditions, and the hydrodynamic field is modified by the gas expansion resulting from the heat released during combustion. The results, which are devoid of turbulence-modeling assumptions, and/or ad-hoc coefficients commonly used in turbulence studies, provide physically-based arguments for the complex flow-turbulence interactions occurring in premixed flames and provide scaling laws for the turbulent flame speed.

Date / Time : October 31 (Tue.), 4:00 pm - (about 1 hour)
Venue : I2CNER Hall, Ito Campus, Kyushu University
Host : Petros Sofronis (Director of I2CNER, Kyushu University)
Contact : wpikenkyu(at)