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An introduction to a lattice-based key exchange protocol and its cryptanalysis

Hold Date
2019-07-23 15:00〜2019-07-23 16:00
Seminar Room W1-D-725, West Zone 1, Ito campus, Kyushu University
Object person
Yuntao Wang (The University of Tokyo)

In this talk, I’ll introduce a Diffie-Hellman-like key exchange protocol which is presented in ACNS 2019. In this work, we complete the key exchange solution that appeared in the LWE & RLWE-based key exchange protocols proposed by Ding et al. in 2012. By inviting the rounding technique, we can reduce more than 10% communication costs comparing to other similar lattice-based schemes. Furthermore, our design is more elegant and simpler and simultaneously, it derives longer final shared keys. We also carefully choose three practical parameter settings using lattice algorithms (sieving and bkz), such that our protocol satisfies NIST I II III security levels, respectively.