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Some quasihereditary covers associated with Hecke algebras.

Hold Date
2010-03-08 15:00〜2010-03-08 17:00
Ito Campus Faculty of Mathematics, seminar room 2
Object person
MIYACHI, Hyohe(Nagoya Univ.)

For a certain choice of multicharge (dominant multicharge), we shall
obtain identifications between  category O's over rational DAHAs
and module categories over the algebras in the title. Here, the
case where we are dealing with is not covered by Rouquier's beautiful
general theory of quasihereditary covers since the Hom-space between
standards is different from the corresponding Hom-space between
Specht's. Moreover, we shall find the quasi-hereditary covers
which are equivalent to O for type E6 and F4.