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Applications of Algebra in Secure One-to-Many Data Transmissions

Hold Date
2021-06-02 16:00〜2021-06-02 17:00
Object person
Mriganka Mandal (Kyushu University)

One-to-many data transmission helps a data sender to efficiently broadcast encrypted classified information to a group of users through an insecure public channel in such a way that only the authorized recipients can decrypt to recover the original message. In contrast, outsiders get only negligible information about the content, even if they collude. In this talk, firstly, we discuss some one-to-many data transmission systems, such as broadcast encryption, anonymous broadcast encryption, broadcast encryption with personalized messages, etc., through some real-life application scenarios. Lastly, we explicate how a special algebraic primitive, namely the bilinear pairing groups, can be employed to design a secure and efficient one-to-many digital data transmission system.

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