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A resolvent trace formula of Jacquet-Zagier type for Hilbert Maass forms

Hold Date
2021-11-19 16:00〜2021-11-19 17:00
C-513 and Zoom meeting
Object person
Seiji Kuga (Kyushu University)

Zagier found a generalized Eichler-Selberg trace formula involving symmetric square L-functions by means of Rankin-Selberg method in computing the trace formula of Hecke operators of elliptic cusp forms. Moreover, Sugiyama and Tsuzuki generalized Zagier’s formula for Hilbert modular forms with square-free levels in an adelic setting and proved a non-vanishing property of symmetric square L-functions. In this talk, we give an analogy of Sugiyama-Tsuzuki’s trace formula for Hilbert Maass forms by using the resolvent kernel function of the Laplace operator as the test function at infinite places.