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Activities for secure information utilization

Hold Date
2022-02-02 16:45〜2022-02-02 17:45
Object person
Hisayoshi Sato, Keisei Fujiwara (Hitachi, Ltd. Research & Development Group)

The IMI Colloquium in February 2022
Date : Wednesday, 2 February 2022
Place : Zoom
Speaker : Hisayoshi Sato, Keisei Fujiwara (Hitachi, Ltd. Research & Development Group)
Title :  
 Activities for secure information utilization
Abstract :
In recent years, companies have increased expectations for data analysis that uses not only their own data but also external data including other companies for marketing, operational efficiency, and new business creation. However, the information handled often includes sensitive information, personal information that should not be exposed to security attacks such as leakage and tampering. When there are multiple data holders or when data is deposited to an external data administrator such as cloud, concerns about the security of such sensitive information cannot be dispelled, which is one of the barriers to promoting use of information. In this talk, as countermeasures, we will introduce our activities for developments of secure protocols that securely share information among multiple data holders using cryptographic technology, and a technology that uses secure hardware to achieve both data protection and flexible efficient analysis.
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