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Numerical Methods for the Solution of 3-D Electromagnetic Problems (Differential and Integral Equations)

Hold Date
2010-11-30 15:30〜2010-11-30 17:00
2nd floor lecture room 16, Open Learning Plaza , Ito Campus
Object person
Alexander B. Samokhin (MlREA)

The most of actual three-dimensional problems of electromagnetics can be described by differential or integral equations. The main question from the numerical point of view: what kind of equations is better for solving the problems. In this paper we consider the following problems: electromagnetic scattering on complicated objects; inner tasks.
Number T of arithmetic operations that guarantees the required accuracy of solution and memory volume M required for the implementation of the algorithm are the main efficiency criteria for any numerical method. To solve differential equations (with boundary condition and radiation condition) and integral equations (taking into account discretization method) we estimate input data T and M. Afterwards on the base of estimations obtained we analyze the efficiency of using differential or integral equations for the abovementioned problems.