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The variational approach to fracture: Theory, numerical implementation, and extension

Hold Date
2011-10-12 15:30〜2011-10-12 17:00
1st floor lecture room 10, Open Learning Plaza , Ito Campus
Object person
Blaise BOURDIN (Louisiana State University)

This talk focusses on the the variational approach to fracture, devised by G.A. Francfort and J.-J. Marigo in 1998. In this approach,the quasi-static evolution of the deformation and crack configuration of a brittle solid is given by unilateral global minimization of atotal energy consisting in the sum of the body's elastic energy and a crack surface energy proportional to its length (in 2d) or its area(in 3d). This problems falls in the broader category of free discontinuity problems. I will briefly present the model in the context of Griffith's criterion, and give a few elements of analysis before focusing on it snumerical implementation. I will present a numerical approach based on elliptic regularization and illustrate it with numerical experiments. I will then present some extensions and applications to thermal fracture, peeling, drying, and dynamic fracture.