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The 2nd Combinatorics Seminar, 2012

Hold Date
2012-07-14 13:00〜2012-07-14 18:00
Lecture Hall A, Nishijin Plaza, Kyushu University
Object person
Takuya Ikuta (Kobe Gakuin University),Shizuo Kaji (Yamaguchi University),Noguchi Kenta (Keio University),Keisuke Shiromoto (Kumamoto University),Kohei Matsushita (Kyushu University)


Takuya Ikuta (Kobe Gakuin University)
Title:The Nomura algebra of some type II matrices

Shizuo Kaji (Yamaguchi University)
Title:An invitation to Schubert calculus

Noguchi Kenta (Keio University)
Title:(Minimum genus embeddings of graphs and their characteristics

Keisuke Shiromoto (Kumamoto University)
Title:Codes over rings and matroids
We consider a class of generalizations of matroids, called demi-matroids, which have a duality property.
This talk shall give some fundamental results on demi-matroids including duality theorems, et al., and a construction of demi-matroids from linear codes over finite quasi-Frobenius rings. Then we apply some results on demi-matroids to linear codes over these rings and show duality theorems such as a Wei-type duality of generalized Hamming weights for these codes.

Kohei Matsushita (Kyushu University)
Title:(On characterization of the animation created by interpolation used a transform matrix)