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Mathematical Modeling and its Applications

Hold Date
2012-12-11 15:00〜2012-12-11 15:45
Seminar Room 7, Faculty of Mathematics building, Ito Campus
Object person
JUNG, Il-Hyo (Pusan National University)

summary:The aim of this talk is to introduce a mathematical model in an ecosystem by mathematical modeling and to study a pest management problem using the mathematical model. The pest management problem involves choosing appropriate tactics from a range of pest control techniques including biological, cultural and chemical methods to suit individual systems, pest complexes and local environments. Release of sterile males and spraying of pesticide have been used as control measures for pest population. Sterile insect technique is one of the effective biological control for pests in a system. Using the optimal control theory and mathematical analysis, we show that the proper use of control measures might enhance some production of the model in an economically viable way. This method may be applied to some pest management problems to control pest populations in the other system; malaria and dengue, etc.

This seminar is combined with Analysis Seminar.