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Pixar's Renderman and Mathematica (Special Seminar in IMI)

Hold Date
2013-02-08 15:00〜2013-02-08 15:45
Lecture Room S-1, Faculty of Mathematics building, Ito Campus, Kyushu University
Object person
Yusuke Kiriu (Studio Phones)

We are using several softwares of computer graphics to make Studio Phones's movie "homes". For production, "Season 1.2." of "homes" required some algorithmic constructions of our pipeline, we made an in-house package "cowboy", today's topic is their architecture.

In our pipeline, we made some systems of programable shader network, asset-based programable physically plausible rendering, etc. to manipulate fire, cloth, cloud, character accompanied with program generator and GUI generator by Mathematica and Renderman.

In this talk, we will explain some use cases of our pipeline via 3dsMax, maya, Cinema4D, Lightwave, Modo and Blender by rule-based integration on "cowboy".

* Moderator: Shun'ichi Yokoyama (IMI, Kyushu Univ.)