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Balancing Domain Decomposition for Non-stationary Incompressible Flow Problems Using a Characteristic-curve Method

Hold Date
2009-10-27 15:30〜2009-10-27 17:00
Ito Campus, Open Learning Plaza, 1st floor, Room 10
Object person
姚 清河 (Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu Univ.)

summary: The presence of nonlinear and non-symmetric convective terms
        complicates the solving of the Navier-Stokes equations, and
        this difficulty increases with Reynolds number. In this work,
        the characteristic-curve method is employed, based on the
        approximation of the material derivate along the trajectory of
        a fluid particle. The method is advantageous as it renders the
        matrix for linear equations symmetric, thus enabling the
        Conjugate Gradient(CG) method to be used together with the
        Schur Complement System of the Domain Decomposition
        Method(DDM). By using a stabilization technique, the inf-sup
        condition need not be met for P1/P1 elements, which are swift
        and efficient, to be implemented. The algorithm is implemented
        in parallel under the ADVENTURE project.