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Extended W-algebra of type sl_2 and these representations

Hold Date
2013-11-08 16:00〜2013-11-08 17:30
Seminar Room 1, Faculty of Mathematics building, Ito Campus
Object person
Akihiro TSUCHIYA (Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe)

Conformal field theory are quantum field theory defined by using
representation theory of chiral algebra which are infinite dimension
algebra containing Virasoro algebra. Most fundamental results were
raised by three Russian physicists, Belavin-Polyakov-Zamolodchikov in
1984. Theory were defined by using minimal sequence representations of
Virasoro algebra at chiral charge c. In these ten years, extended W
algebra which are extended of Virasoro algebra at central charge.
  In this talk I'll talk about construction of these algebra and their
irreducible representations which are resent results of speaker. I
describe the topological parts of the constitution.

* This seminar is combined with Topology Seminar.